Franco Arminio in recent years has developed a very original way of taking poetry on the road. His is not really a reading, although he reads verses from his books and in particular from the one that has just come out, Songs of Gratitude. It is not a play, it is not a dialogue with readers, but a bit of all these things woven together. His could be called a happy and thoughtful ceremony: there is room for our sorrowful side, as if each encounter were a kind of federation of our wounds, and there is room for the longing for gladness and community that we can no longer afford to neglect.

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The event will be held outdoor. it is recommended to bring a blanket and something to cover yourself.

Tickets are on sale on Vivaticket circuit at the following link:

Terre dei Borghi is located in Arquà Petrarca, on Via Pajone, a white stone road in the context of the Euganean Hills Regional Park.

Arriving in Arquà Petrarca head towards the Aganoor restaurant, continue in the direction of Valle San Giorgio keeping the restaurant on the right.
Follow the hairpin bends and at the end of the slope on the right you will find Via Pajone (a road that bends away from the road you are driving on). 
Directions to the parking lot will be given to you at the beginning of the street.
We recommend that you do not set Via Pajone on your navigator and follow our directions
Once you arrive at Via Pajone you can follow the following link: 

It is possible to take a pleasant 15-minute walk by parking your car at the Mottolone Plateau: From there take Via Scalette in the direction of Arquà Petrarca and after a few meters on the right you will find Via Pajone, the white road that will take you to Terre dei Borghi.

VITICULTURE is a cultural art program born in 2021 that stands as an opportunity for listening, experimentation and exchange, aimed at enhancing the territory, thanks to the expression of artists and musicians who bring their contribution to these hills.


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