Olive trees were not previously planted in our area due to winter frosts. Times and climates have changed and our olive trees have grown.

Our oil is made from a blend of Leccino, Rasara, Bianchera and Pendolino and expresses the characteristics of these cultivars. 

Leccino is a plant found throughout Italy, which is very productive and resistant to low temperatures. An oil with a balanced and delicate taste is extracted from its fruit.

The Rasara, on the other hand, is a local plant, it is a typical cultivar from the Euganean hills. The trees are large and vigorous, and their fruit give us a medium-fruity, spicy oil with vegetable notes.

The Bianchera comes from Friuli. It is a rustic and cold-resistant cultivar, which also grows well on calcareous soils. This tree is slender and its leaves twist on themselves making the plant easily recognisable. The high presence of polyphenols makes its oil exceptional. 

Finally, the Pendolino, whose thick foliage is easily recognisable as its leaves are long, dark and drooping, seems to be a tree with a jaunty nature. The resulting oil has a delicate and pleasant taste. This Tuscan cultivar, which has become widespread as a pollinator, has adapted to our soils and enjoys the ever-present sunshine throughout the day. 

Our products

Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Terre dei Borghi

Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Hand-picked. Cold pressing.

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